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Welcome to Melbournestyle, publishers, gallery, store and design studio specialising in Beautiful, Original, Meaningful Melburniana, since 1994. We have created a unique range of gifts designed in Melbourne, inspired by Melbourne, and made in Melbourne.
We are passionate about the city of style, and aim to preserve and celebrate Melbourne's individual dignity, cultural distinction and local eccentricity. This is our credo. In a world that is increasingly global, homogeneous and predictable, we strive to offer a unique alternative. At Melbournestyle you'll find books, cards, scarves, homewares, soaps, jewellery, artworks, wrapping, tee shirts and lots more, each created as an indiviual expression of Melbourne. Next time you need a unique book about Melbourne, a gift for a client or colleague, for a guest or a visitor from out of town, remember Melbournestyle, the ultimate traveller's takeaway.
Melbournestyle is a celebration of Melbourne, founded in 1994 by husband and wife team Maree Coote and Lex Ridgeway, with the launch of their first collection: The Melbourne Cups & Saucers. In 2003 the duo added an independent publishing company Melbournestyle Books. In 2006 the Melbournestyle gallery and retail concept store was opened in South Melbourne, to provide a design base and showcase for other Melbourne designers and artists and artisans.
MAREE COOTE is a writer, designer, illustrator, photographer and publisher. She has enjoyed an award-winning career in advertising and understands Melbourne's unique advantage well. Her many creative passions converge in her studies of Melbourne's history, which is the focus of her work in object design and in publishing over the past ten years. Maree is passionate about a sense of place and history, and she brings this to life in multiple platforms for multiple audiences. Her affinity for Melbourne is unique and highly informed. Her skill is bringing ideas to life, and communicating ideas to any audience 'in whatever form gives them most power: books, artwork, song, stories, design, film...". SPEAKING EVENTS & BOOKING DETAILS ClickHERE.

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LEX RIDGEWAY is a surfer first, carpenter second, and store manager extraordinaire. Collaborating with Maree Coote on furniture design and larger occasional pieces, Lex's many skills and confident craftsman's hands bring to life designs for screens, mirrors, tables, benches and more. And when the swell is not so good, Lex is busy as gallery/store manager and production manager on the many and varied locally manufactured objects designed and made in the Melbournestyle studio.

MELBOURNE ARTISTS - Melbournestyle has also become a home for other local designers and artists:
See our gallery for more information.
We hope you like what you find at Melbournestyle.