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William Llewellyn Griffith shows his METAL COUTURE collection at Melbourne's melbournestyle gallery and concept store. In conjunction with the flamboyant milliner extraordinaire Peter Jago, WLG's collection skewers the Melbourne fabric like a hat pin through the heart. The combination of these two extraordinary talents is the occasion for an outrageous soiree, marking the opening of the melbournestyle gallery space nextdoor to the South Melbourne store.
MR. DEPP'S EARRINGS - by Maree Coote, Melbournestyle

Materialising like a Time Lord to recharge Melbourne's creative flame is celebrity jeweller and dimension drifter WILLIAM LLEWELLYN GRIFFITHS. With a demeanour not unlike the Doctor himself, WLG as he is known, is the man to whom you'd go to buy Johnny Depp a pressie. When only the best bijoux will do, Griffiths ensures quality meets creativity in just the right measure.
Master craftsmen are a rare breed, and one as exciting as WLG is a real bonus for Melbourne. An elegant man, quiet and profoundly talented, WLG adds a valuable texture to the fabric of the Melbourne fashion scene. Arriving only a minute ago, (2003) he is now living and creating very happily in the city of style.
A silversmith for over 25 years, WLG brings a level of skill and charm to both the creation and presentation of his work, turning the subject of jewellery into a mind trip. Combining sex, death and gemstones, he adds the gentlemanly demeanour of a Dickensian Guildsman and takes wearable art into a whole new reality.
WLG works his magic in a his new Melbourne studio, Metal Couture. Here he creates gigantic amber baroque dress-rings the size of Edith Sitwell's fist that sit happily alongside tiny, solid silver revolvers. His pirate-inspired, blunderbus-laden, skull-bedraggled galleons are to die for, and with the touch of the goth on his work, it's possible someone may well have done just that.
Every piece tells a story of love and death, beauty and obsession, purity and excess. Exquisitely wrought in silver and stones, this jewellery will enchant the hardest heart. Various themes possess him in turn, like biometallica, classical greek, tattoo flash, architecture, medieval religious iconography, and much, much, marvellously more.
In his Gulliver's travels from New Zealand, to London, Barcelona and now to Australia, he has absorbed every influence from the graphic power of the Maori, Galliano, Mucha and HR Giger, to the finest neo-classical stylings the British Empire can muster.
A self-titled renegade, WLG explores an unorthodox and unexpected arc of stylistic expressions - from the menacing silver exo-skeletal 'gloves' of an alien, to the most opulent of honey-coloured gems encrusted with sparkling stones, or the playful charm of chandeliers as earrings. Some see history, convict ships, pirates, lost souls... some see gothic cathedrals, Miss Havesham's melancholia, and the devil's own glinting eyes. The magic comes to life in the wearer's imagination. Displayed in gilt framed showcases in a crimson salon, these pieces take on a narrative power all their own.
This is timeless, precious-metal storytelling sculpted with intensity and passion. It sparkles out a thrilling temptation... the kind of thing that comes from the soul, that will endure. And WLG is adament that each piece will stand the test of time and the rigours of wear. His exacting standards ensure this work will indeed be tomorrow's treasure. Describing his customers as 'unique, brave and elegant', he is pursuing a certain quality of character in his work, his customers and his career.WLG has created a skull-knobbed walking stick for Billy Idol, some big-time bling for Ali G, and gothic goodies for Marilyn Manson. With pieces worn by Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie, and Britney Spears, and collaborations with Dolce & Gabbana, movies The Crow and Batman Forever, many a Hollywood flashbulb has electrified his gemstones. WLG has also exhibited to appreciative audiences in Bologna, Zurich, Berlin and Milan. Featured at the Melbourne fashion Week 2003 and in magazines including The Face, Poster, Pavement, ID and Follow, his cult star is rising fast.
- by Maree Coote, Melbournestyle