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"I am first a Melburnian, second an Australian." - Albert Tucker 1914-1999

MATT IRWIN's iconic 2007 calendar 'shaken not stirred' was launched at melbournestyle on November 15.
Come, take a peek into the future...

"Absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever seen." - Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle - creator of Sherlock Holmes speaking of the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, 1920.

NEW GOODIES - Melbourne-made and garden-inspired accessories and jewellery now instore.
Handmade leather lariats, floral themed or strung with pearls: also mirror butterflies (a big favourite), and brilliant red beads hand strung into beautiful Australian memories... Don't miss out.

MORE NEDS - New works in the Kelly Gang series by Maree Coote, including some extra large canvasses.
Pictured here - Bunjil over the Awesome Foursome,and The Greta Mob.
See more at melbournestyle gallery

GO COUNTRY - It's not something we recommend - leaving the best city in the world - but if the Big Smoke gets in your eyes, head to Victoria's own greener pastures at Romsey, and you'll find the all new Twigs On Main, stocking pretty fabulous rustic goodies, and right next door to a very pastoral coffee and foccacia. Breathe deep... Right. Now, back you come.

GARDENSTATE GIFTS - exclusive to melbournestyle. Crazy for floral motifs and botanically beaut bits and pieces. This range is the perfect accompaniment to a sharp, Melbourne aparto. Gardenstate Gifts has something loopy for the girls, something woody for the boys, so come and get someone special something gorgeous asap.

IAN JONES, renowned Ned Kelly expert (pictured above) , recently launched the new book "50 NEDS. Ned Kelly: Icon of Australian Art" by Maree Coote at melbournestyle. Jones had just returned from Ireland in the nick of time to share a glass of red and impart some wisdom on the cult of the bushranger.
Jones said of the new book that Maree has 'had fun with the legend, as Ned himself had fun', and welcomed the playful spirit of the book.
An exhibition of artworks from the 50 NEDS series is on display at melbournestyle. Find more fascinating Kellyana at the ultimate source of knowledge, at ironoutlaw

The Melbourne Cup has been pronounced Finalist in the 2006 memento australia awards
We are very proud. It's a Queensland award, so it's very stylish of them to acknowledge us, don't you think?

FIND OUT MELBOURNE'S TRUE HISTORY in The Melbourne Book - A History of Now by Maree Coote. This brilliant, colourful, eccentric volume comprise 368 pages of photographs and histories, as well as the contemporary culture and personalities that go to make this city a unique and unforgettable place.
This is funky history, made readable and human by a passionate citizen of the city of style. "There simply is no better book to have, to give, to keep forever, than The Melbourne Book. This IS my city." more

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