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start your kids off with a sense of style, a sense of place, a and a sense of fun.
ALPHABET CITY ZOO - Can you spell a Kkangaroo? Yes! at Alphabet City Zoo! A brand new graphic language created in letter design... Find the letters in the pictures..
NEW!! LETTERS FROM MELBOURNE.- How do you spell Melbourne town? Could you spell your way around...? $29.95
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LEARN with MAREE COOTE, author, illustrator, designer, and publisher. A recent feature of the Melbourne Writers Festival 2014. Maree will inspire your students toward truly creative futures. She will explore and explain her design work, and set wonderful inventive projects to fire young imaginations. FOR AGES 4 TO TEEN and beyond. CONTACT US
NEW! Children's book featuring Melbourne's fun and funky places. And there are hidden pictures in every page to discover. $27.50 WHEN YOU GO TO MELBOURNE,
See if you can see....All the things that I saw when Mum took me...
INVITE MAREE TO YOUR SCHOOL - REVIEW HERE Play sessions: creative activity, design, story-writing... Organise a group to visit the Maree's Melbournestyle Studio and Gallery, or arrange for Maree to visit your school. Various programmes, for all ages. CONTACT US
FRAMED ART available from When You Go To Melbourne -inspiring decor for any creative child's room. MORE Melbourne Cushions
Great for the child with a sense of place or a love of trams!.
When You GO TO Melbourne - Picture book, great for boys or girls, and even makes a great tourist memento. $27.50
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ALPHABET CITY MELBOURNE - A fun and educational collection of photographs that create a unique Alphabet of the city architecture. SEE MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK HERE ALPHABET CITY MELBOURNE - sturdy boartd book. Helps with spelling, reading and letter recognition. Visit our ALPHABET CITY website ALPHABET CITY MELBOURNE - A collection of artworks that make brillinat decor for a childs room. MORE
BABY TEES Melbourne-made.
Brand new range designed by Jacinta Stone...
...eoh&roro is all about animals:zebras, rhinos, elephants... Our fave is the giraffe. Great colours, long sleeves too.
BABY TEES Melbourne crest.
A sense of place AND a sense of style, remarkable in one so young... ...in colours for melbourne boys and girls
ROOBY and BROOCE soft toys, all hopping mad of course. ECHIDNA: RETRO POSTERS - Melbourne-made.For way-cool kids rooms. ...our fave is the KANGAROO of course. By Melbourne designer Nicholas Girling.... and KOALA poster. All $39 and 50x70cm. All ready to go in a sturdy postal tube.
SEADRAGON SOAP- Inspired by the Victorian State emblem, the Weedy Seadragon. A marine wonder from downunder that has captured our hearts here at melbournestyle... GUMKIN SOAP- Teams up as the perfect partner to the GumQueen picture book. What better gift for a little Aussie at home or overseas... Click each soap to see bigger image SEADRAGON and GUMKIN MOBILES- Teams up as the perfect partner to the Seacret or GumQueen picture books. What better gift for a little Aussie at home or overseas... MEGGSY SOAP - Inspired that that most delightfully bad little Aussie rascal Ginger Meggs. For scallywags everywhere...
'THE SEACRET OF DRIFTUS AND SPROUT' - the story of a real live downunder underwater wonder. A baby seadragon hidden in each illustration. Our unique AUSTRALIAN PICTURE BOOKS capture the spirit of the Australian landscape and ethos. Suit ages 4-7 years. MORE 'THE GUM QUEEN'- a cheeky tale of individualism and self esteem - just be the nut you are! A bushfly hidden in each illustration. MORE 'THE BLACK POT BELLY' - a whimsical piece of Australiana - with a magical pot belly stove, bush adventures with Ned Kelly, and a hidden NK helmet in every page! MORE
ALICE ARTWORKS - All the characters from Lewis Carrolls marvellous tale... framed in a black timber box frame, 23x23cm SEE the rest HERE ALICE GIFT CARDS - 8 designs in brightest colours, sold individually or in gift sets MAD HATTER SOAP is the ideal partner to a MadHatter giftcard for an inexpensive but very stylish pressie for a beloved little one.
OZFAUNA WRAPPING PAPER a bird in the bush along with lots more, all in the dusty grey-green and mauve-brown tones of the eucalypt forest. CLICK image for enlargement. ROOS WRAPPING PAPER - red rocks, ochre sands, rusty shades of outback scrub, and the ever watchful kangaroo... CLICK image for enlargement. BIRDS WRAPPING PAPER - Australia's silver-eye honeyeater and grevillea flowers are a bright and beautiful way to excite your next pressie. CLICK image for enlargement.
SCRAPBOOKING /LETTERPAPER - Unique cutout designs. This set just made for Spring Racing days- perfect for invitations, a letter overseas, or scrapbooking the photos of your day at the track.Jewel-bright colours. A4 size. SCRAPBOOKING /LETTERPAPER - Unique cutout designs. Melbourne's skyline, and a silhouetted row of trams clattering homeward - a gorgeous memento of the intelligent city. Metallic shades of night sky irridescence. A4 size. INVITE MAREE TO YOUR SCHOOL - Maree will inspire your students toward truly creative futures. She will explore and explain her design work, and set wonderful inventive projects to fire young imaginations. FOR AGES 4 TO TEEN AND BEYOND Active, interactive and truly rewarding projects, Including drawing, graphic design for grommets, typography for toddlers, ipad art, photography for phun, paper-cutting, story-telling and book making. Your students will love it. EMAIL US HERE