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Boys can be hard to buy for, so we are trying hard to keep it fundamental, core, productive, seminal....
SHOOT FROM THE CUFFlink - Silver revolvers with wooden handles, by William Griffiths. Bang!gone. CONVICT CUFFS - Or is it Johnny Depp's Black Pearl? Definitely sexier than any other sleeve on the boardroom table today.. ...and SHIP RING to match... Truly a statement knuckleduster. William Griffiths again
MELBOURNE CUP&SAUCER, the great race day favourite. All cup sets individually gift boxed to withstand the rigours of international mail. MELBOURNE BUILDINGS CUP&SAUCER: the city's icons in silhouette. MELB ICONS CUP & SAUCER: The perfect souvenir. GEE-GEES CUP&SAUCER, for lovers of horseflesh. Chic black and white designs on fine china.
THE NED SOAP Bar - It's all about the Man, the beard, the rugged good looks, the clean lemongrass fragrance... SWALLOW - Swift, nimble, quick-witted little Bluebird Cufflinks. Available for HER in matching earrings... LIFE'S BIG CONTRADICTIONS - hearts with various inscriptions: love/hate... good/evil... angel/devil... or plain, so you can engrave your very own personal dichotomy thereon. Or your names, or....
NED KELLY ARTWORKS - big beard, big boots, big bollocks...about as blokey as it gets here in Melbourne.... lots to look at HERE NED KELLY T-SHIRT - for the man who really understands banking finance. Sexy, simple quality. Long sleeve, long line, flattering cut - featuring King Ned design or Such is Life design- various well chosen colours. Get your gang into gear.. '50 NEDS. NED KELLY:ICON OF AUSTRALIAN ART'. A gorgeous little gift book, cloth bound and embossed, 68 pages of the imaging of an icon more
'BUFFALO BOYS AROUND THE OUTSIDE - The absolutely best cowdy hats ever. Jackaroos all over will be wearing the very hottest head gear in 2007 summer. Stripe, plaid, plain, and just plain sexy. Don't missout! Them Yankees have finally found us... TRAM MAN. Waiting for a tram in the Melbourne weather - it can be character-building or just plain freezing. Who is it? Is it a Ticket Nazi? or the ghost of the Poet Connie? Bring back the soul of the city. Free-standing 'domestic sculpture'. Great memento gift. SAVON D'ANTIPODES SOAP Classic Black wrapper: helping dirty cityboys get clean and stay fresh
NED'S NOTE BOOK- Beautiful Buff leather, spiral bound address book. Just the thing for your memoirs. "Such is Life" as the big man said on his way out ... Also available in Black, and a cheaper version in fire engine RED!!!! NED'S NOTE BOOK- Beautiful Brown leather, spiral bound address book. 'Such is Life' once more...Write you own Jerilderie letter... NED's ADDRESS BOOK - containing:
" ...a parcel of big ugly fat-necked wombat-headed big-bellied magpie-legged narrow-hipped splaw-footed sons of ... " etc etc, to coin a phrase. Otherwise known as Ned's aquaintances. Beautiful Brown leather, spiral bound address book - partner to the Notebook..
'THE MELBOURNE BOOK' - 376 pages of fabulous pics, history, contemporary culture and more more KELLY GANG GIFTCARDS- 8 in this striking series, and framed limited edition prints also available SAVON D'ANTIPODES SOAP Classic Black wrapper: helping dirty cityboys get clean and stay fresh
EMU & ROO SOAP, a piece of classic Australiana, with a fresh a lemon myrtle fragrance. GEORGE & THE DRAGON GIFT SOAP - one in a series of Melbourne's sculptural icons. The perfect decor detail for his funky metro apartment..... MU Building GIFT SOAP- a series of Melbourne's architectural icons, this one celebrates our favourite - The Manchester Unity Building.