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"Snow globes and koala magnets won't be found at this gorgeous gift souvenir gallery store, melbournestyle. This is instead the place to locate souvenirs Melburnians would like to buy for themselves. Strategically located halfway between the river and the lake on South Melbourne's Clarendon street, melbournestyle is awash with deliciously different distractions for design-addicted shopping splurges. The shop's designer/curator, maree coote, has a good eye for what the home-grown (or blow-in) downtown hipster wants (there's loads of leather daisy chains, cool coasters, twig swizzle stix, elegant skull-and-crossbones jewellery and esoteric artworks), as well as offering meaningful Melbourne mementos."

flowering gums are the scene stealer at melbournestyle this month.

These gorgeous gums are just the thing for elevating your table to perfection. They make a great centrepiece, domestic sculpture, jewellery tree, not to mention making a meaningful Melbourne memento and gift for a visitor to our shores.

WE'VE GONE SOFT. And floppy. With a new vinyl and felt range of coasters, tablerunners, centrepieces and placemats.

SAY SORRY EVERY DAY the melbournestyle way.... Wear your heart on your sleeve with a Sorry bracelet, cuff, or pendant - Sorry coasters and platter, it's all there in black and white.
Editor's note: It's only been 160 ish years since this town was settled by Her Maj. Just 160 years. That's the lifespan of two nannas. That's it. Not long. Barely a nanosecond in the big scale. (Roughly the same time that the planet has been using oil. Interesting timing.) So, Dutti Galla aka Melbourne has changed a lot in that nanosecond, and it gives us pause to imagine its former peace and glory. Of course we love it today. But that doesn't change the fact of The Change we've made. Say sorry and learn something, and let's get on with it.

melbournestyle is growing, and to accommodate our burgeoning collection, we will be creating a new simpler web interface will take you through our beautiful collection... stay tuned!

MEANWHILE, the Big Neds keep coming to melbournestyle. Just as well - they keep selling!
Large canvasses arriving again mid June. See more Ned Kelly gear here See more of the Big Neds by Maree Coote, and other artworks available at melbournestyle gallery here

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